Monday, October 31, 2011


It's hard to be strong sometimes. Your friends think you don't need their support and won't take your side of the argument. They'll play the devil's advocate just to test how far your tolerance can take it. I can only take too much crap and I've had enough. It's one thing for you to be left on your own and having to explain and defend yourself everytime (which runs counter to the whole idea of friendship coz if you're really friends, you don't have to explain yourself, they will just accept you for who you are), it's another different level of disappointment and frustration when they judge you on personal stuff, like your relationship for one-a relationship of two people in which they are not part of, are not privy to. It hurts when you pour your heart out to someone, tell them everything about your deepest darkest secrets, hopes, and anxieties and they would use all that information to judge you--instead of to understand you. Stings like hell.

hahahahahahahhaha what a comeback post!!! happy halloween!!!

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dioneh said...

Anong kaguluhan ito? hehe. Welcome back.. you need to post more entries! ;)