Monday, October 31, 2011


It's hard to be strong sometimes. Your friends think you don't need their support and won't take your side of the argument. They'll play the devil's advocate just to test how far your tolerance can take it. I can only take too much crap and I've had enough. It's one thing for you to be left on your own and having to explain and defend yourself everytime (which runs counter to the whole idea of friendship coz if you're really friends, you don't have to explain yourself, they will just accept you for who you are), it's another different level of disappointment and frustration when they judge you on personal stuff, like your relationship for one-a relationship of two people in which they are not part of, are not privy to. It hurts when you pour your heart out to someone, tell them everything about your deepest darkest secrets, hopes, and anxieties and they would use all that information to judge you--instead of to understand you. Stings like hell.

hahahahahahahhaha what a comeback post!!! happy halloween!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Project "Good Night Sleep"

I said goodbye to my "tatami" bed and bought a new bed frame and mattress from my hard-earned salary! Yep, my own money! ahh I'm such a grownup now. hehe (next projects would be!)

Here's my Heavenly Ambassador mattress and mahogany post wood and metal bed frame!


1. Queen size Orthopedic mattress with pillow top, made with top of the line imported damask fabric treated with Ultra Care (a permanent fabric treatment that has a built in protection against bacteria, yeast and fungal growth) and multi-needled quilt padding making the bed soft, supple and comfortable to sleep on. 15 years warranty.

(I placed a mattress protector on top and at the bottom to keep it nice and clean)

2. 1500 Thread Count, 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets and pillow cases. Wrinkle-free microfiber, super comfy, it's like sleeping on a cloud!

3. Memory foam contour pillow specially designed to eliminate pressure points and provides comfortable support.

4. and my adorable sparkling turtle night light which turns my room into a sort of planetarium! It projects in 4 colors (blue, green, red, yellow) individually or interchanging; can use an electronic transformer, AA batteries or USB power chord; and has automatic shut-off after 60 minutes :D

bed frame: Php5k

orthopedic Mattress: Php15k

sheets and pillow cases: approx. $25 plus shipping (e-bay)

a good night rest, priceless. hahahahaha

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Im Back!

To give you an idea of how long I have last updated this almost forsaken blog, here’s what has passed since: a new influenza virus strain (talk about paranoia overkill) and some sex scandal videos has spread all over the world (if its available on the internet, then yeah, its all over the world), the move to change the nation’s charter has resurfaced (a futile attempt at that), a lot of political ads that make you cringe every single time are all over the tube, and GMA’s boobs have become the media’s latest circus (whatever happened to physician-client privilege? ) to name a few. Also, I bought myself a new digital camera since the old one broke down, I got another RA boss (hurray to more cash flow!), found new housemates (I now have someone to share the rent with), took on an additional business partner (cheers to a looming 2nd branch expansion), talked to my friend Bingo again (long story), and found myself a new crush :D

I got so caught up with my usual law school diversion interests that somehow my blog became too much of a toil to bring up to date. Since I haven’t been able to post something for quite a while (and a handful have been nudging me about it), Ill try to get you up to speed with what I’ve been up to for the past few months. Mmmkay, lets see…

First off, I am now a law school senior! Woohoo! And of course, Im done moping and complaining about the pressure that is, the study of law. Depression is like, so third year law!:P The universe has been treating me really well despite my lack of effort. So far, I am still in compliance with my “no failed or dropped subject” rule (and my “no buying of law books” rule).

Speaking of books, I read a dozen last summer (that’s 12 books in 2 months! including a 1000 plus page “Brothers Karamazov!) And added several more to my collection with the books I got from the Book bigayan event I attended. I would write about the books I’ve read here but it would make this post much too lengthy. Maybe I’ll do a book review of each one when I get to have the time and patience (ha! Good luck with that). I also went to a few art exhibits, watched a few indie films with Fullybooked’s film series at Fort Bonifacio High Street and a French film (that really stretched my patience) from this year’s French Film festival.

My summer this year turned out to be fun enough considering that I was not able to go home to Cebu because of an infuriating complication with my summer OLA (Office of Legal Aid) internship application. The OLA is a 4-unit course that is required to be taken for 2 semesters by all graduating seniors of UP law. To put it bluntly,I did not get the slot so I squandered my summer away doing all the things I would do if I am not burdened with law stuff! These include food tripping with some college orgmates in Binondo, roaming around manila—Intramuros area, climbed another mountain peak (Pico de Loro in the Cavite-Batangas border), gave my good friend Raemar from Cebu, who spent his holy week here in Manila, a mall tour (thats all I can afford for now,wehehehe), attended a trainors’ training with LENTE (Legal Network for Truthful Elections, a new election watchdog), went beach bumming in Camarines Norte, and of course caught up with my fiction novels, plus movies and series that I missed. I originally planned to spend the summer break preparing for the bar exams. But really now, who am I kidding?

So there. Now were up to current.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Little Night Music

Some friends and I went to watch a Repertory Philippines production of “The Fantasticks”, an Off-Broadway musical written in the 60’s which is also the longest running musical in American theater history. It is a funny coming of age story about finding one’s identity after losing the innocence of youth and the enchantment of romance. The plot is similar to that of Pyramus and Thisbe in Greek mythology or to that of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, in a reverse twist. The fathers of the lovers, Matt and Louisa, put up a wall between their houses and staged a feud between their families in order to maneuver their kids to fall in love. As they believe that what you tell your children not to do is always the thing they would go for since kids always wanted to get their own way. So the two did fall in love but when they found out about their fathers’ manipulation, they realize that the magic was not there after all and what in the moonlight is scenic turns cynic in the daylight. They went off their separate ways and experienced the world on their own. When they met once again, now equipped with their newly discovered wisdom and experiences of the world, they realized their true feelings and came to understand each other. This musical perfectly captures the essence of the thrill and excitement of a forbidden love—moonlit night in the forest, secret meetings, and contrived conversations—and the bitter awakening and disillusionment of real life.

Repertory Philippines’ production of “The Fantasticks” was simply fantastic (pun intended:)). The set was simple and nice, and the costumes were lovely, except Matt’s. I especially liked Julia Abueva’s portrayal of Louisa but I find the actor of Matt quite unsatisfactory. Besides his anachronistic get-up and that very in vogue printed jacket of his, his singing style is not that clean. All that time, I was looking forward to his rendition of “I Can See It” and he disappointed me with his version. Another interesting and funny character was Mortimer, a fake Indian who “dies” for a living. I almost fell off my seat when he told his story about dying off a cliff and how people loved it so much that they cheered “die again Mortimer!”

I just love musicals! I have been a musical junkie as far as I can remember. I think what started it all was the time when my parents bought us that Sound of Music VHS. I became a musical fan ever since. “One” from “A Chorus Line” and “Tomorrow” from “Annie” was among my favorite songs in our nursery rhymes tape collection when I was a little girl. Presently, I have a collection of Broadway librettos and Cast recordings which I often listen to and eventually memorized. From Stephen Sondheim to Oscar Hammerstein to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jonathan Larson and the rest of the really amazing and creative composers and lyricists, I collect every piece of musical that I encounter which catches my fancy. I always thought of my life as one big musical and I always have a song attached to a memory or an unforgettable experience or era in my life. And even now, (here comes a shameless confession…) I often dreamed of performing and singing on stage. When I study at night and prepare for an exam or a recitation, I often also sing a song or two as if I have a rehearsal to attend to the next day (my college dorm roomies can prove testament to this, sorry girls if I often annoy you with my Broadway medleys Hahaha!). Anyway, with law school and all, I rarely have the time to go to acting or theater workshops. However, I never did abandon this dream. Maybe someday, Ill take the time to be in an audition and play a part in a musical production. For as long as there’s music, life will continue to encourage and amuse me.

“Who understands why Spring is born out of Winter's laboring pain? Or why we all must die a bit before we grow again?" –El Gallo, from “The Fantasticks”

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Goodbye MJ, Thank You for the Music!

Michael Jackson will always be on my list of people that I really look up to. I didn’t think of myself as a Michael Jackson fan since I never really concerned myself with some factual trivia and latest updates on his life. However, I am a very avid admirer of his music and his aspirations. His “Number Ones” album is one of my favorite albums of all time and a lot of his songs I knew by heart, down to every grunt, whimper and moan! So when I heard the news that he died, I felt a curious sting in my heart…

Here’s my memorial message to you MJ (with my favorite songs by you):


Some BEN, BILLIE JEAN, or DIRTY DIANA may say that you were BAD. Others may think that you were quite a SMOOTH CRIMINAL getting off those child molestation charges, but I wish theyd just BEAT IT because I know you are not all those things. You have lived such a sad and controversial life and I know that with you, its not just really BLACK OR WHITE. A lot of people loved you and believed in you. And I hope you know how much you have touched the lives of millions through your music. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Nothing compares to THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL every time I listen to your songs about making a difference and changing the world. You have inspired me to change the MAN IN THE MIRROR before I can make the world a better place. ILL BE THERE at the BREAK OF DAWN to HEAL THE WORLD with you. YOU ROCK MY WORLD and I JUST CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU. If only I were given ONE MORE CHANCE, to be in Manila and have money to buy a ticket of your concert back in 1996, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Your music will forever be immortalized in our hearts, so DON’T STOP ‘TIL YOU GET ENOUGH. We will continue to ROCK WITH YOU!


“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

-Maya Angelou

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am not abandoning this blog.

Im still willing my self to write. haha
Stay tuned.


“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
-Albert Camus

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hatton got smashed in the 2nd round!

Seriously, that was it? Man! After all that talk, Mayweather Sr?

Art illustration by Mike Terry

I wonder what you're thinking now.

Pacman really put up an amazing, albeit very short, fight. Hatton got knocked down after a hit by a left hook of Pacquiao's killer punch in just the second round of the bout.

Manny Pacquiao is such a great athlete. He's got real dedication, discipine, and he never stops learning. Truly inspiring.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back from a long hiatus

The long silence is finally over. I have been willing myself to write several times over but somehow the itch has piped down to an urge too gentle to mind. The needle of the compass in my life right now is very much focused on law school and things arent running smoothly for me this time. I guess the reason why I deliberately fail to write is because on some obscure level, I want to deny the stress and frustration that the semester has brought upon me. It seemed like ever since the school year began I had quite a series of unfortunate events. It felt like everything wasnt going my way and no matter how I concentrate on willing the universe to conspire with me, the stars just wont align in my favor. At some point, I was convinced that I was suffering from a mild clinical depression. My jovial and outgoing nature hides all that and i think no one even noticed. I think thats a good thing.

art illustration by Sharon Tancredi

I got so hooked on The O.C.. Addicted even. I haven't followed this series when it was still airing a few years back. My good friend, Albert recommended it to me and soon enough it served as my escape route. The plot and most of the characters brought back familiar feelings during those times when everything was so carefree and nothing really serious occupied my mind. Life is much too easier when you are just in the background, watching. But of course, nothing beats reality. Its a lot more riveting than any TV series. After watching an episode or two, I go back to the real world and face the demands of the path that I chose. There has been too much pressure and every subject this sem poses a possibility of a failure. Despite that, I am still very optimistic about everything. Things will go my way all in good time. With a bit of a sugar rush and a lot of caffeine, Im good to go!

After finding out that I have been living with a lesbian couple a couple of months ago, I suddenly found myself living alone in my apartment. My housemates moved out yesterday after surprising me about it. Now I have to find someone else to share half of the rent pronto! I cant believe their audacity to just surprise me like that. They shouldve given me prior notice. Now I have to think about a remedy for this too. As if my academic burden isnt enough to fill my mind.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Guy fashion

If I were a guy, I wonder what my everyday fashion would be..
Id probably be one of those guys who dress casually. I would wear a cool super hero or music artist shirt or my favorite movie shirt. I guess Id be one of those guys who wear statement shirts, but no rude or perverted statements for me though. Ill match it down with a faded or a washed-out pair of jeans. Ill have chucks or maybe addidas sneaks for shoes. I wont put gel on my hair but it would always look clean and soft. :D Maybe Ill be lugging a big knapsack or a sling bag too. And occasionally, a cool cap to match the outfit.

If I were a guy (ria), Im sure Im super hot too!